Proper Helmet Care Tips

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Don’t go and damage your motorcycle helmet, or reduce its lifetime through improper care. Learn the do’s and don’ts of proper Motorcycle Helmet Maintenance!

A good quality motorcycle helmet is the best investment you can make in your safety and your riding enjoyment, make sure you treat it appropriately. Treat your helmet like you would a baby, care for it the same as you care for your motorcycle, or if you’re a bit behind in your bike maintenance – treat your helmet like you would treat your dream bike!

Benefits of correct motorcycle helmet maintenance and care

Learn how to care for and clean your entire motorcycle helmet including:

  1. Helmet visor (shield) and other plastic parts
  2. Helmet shell
  3. Impact Absorption Liner
  4. Helmet comfort padding

Proper motorcycle helmet maintenance can remove helmet smells and provide greater visibility to improve your riding experience. Proper care will also extend the life of your helmet. It is also important to know when your helmets life is over so that you can replace it and avoid riding with unsafe equipment.

Our latest articles with tips on helmet maintenance, care and replacement

Helmet Shield Cleaning
Provides you with the correct procedure to clean your helmet shield (visor) and tips on shield storage, shield removal, and when to replace your helmet shield.

Helmet Replacement
Find out when your helmet has ‘had it’, there will come a point when your helmet no longer offers the reasonable level of protection that you expect. Don’t get caught out with a faulty helmet; learn how to spot damage, and crucial tips on when to replace your helmet.

Helmet Parts
Replacement parts are available for certain helmets. Don’t throw out a decent helmet just because a part has broken, check first if the damage affects the safety of the helmet, and if it doesn’t then see if you can get a replacement part.

Helmet Padding
Dirt or odors an issue in your helmet? Follow simple steps to achieve clean, odor free helmet padding. All you need is water, a soft cloth and a mild cleaning agent.

Your helmet is essential for your safety, don’t take short-cuts with your motorcycle helmet maintenance!